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A graphic with a green to white gradient, Scientists Who Inspire is wrote in the center.

Scientists Who Inspire

Grade audience: Primary - Middle

Learn about the pioneers of science and the characteristics that allowed them to thrive! Jane Goodall: Perseverance This episode takes a look at Jane Goodall and how perseverance helped her with her research into chimpanzee behavior, and how we can persevere to reach our goals just like her. Alexander Fleming: Attentiveness This episode takes a … Continued

A graphic with a white to green gradient, The Science Behind is wrote in the center.

The Science Behind

Grade audience: Primary - Middle

Let’s think like a scientist and find the answers to the questions that make us wonder! The Science Behind podcast series explores the ways in which science is connected to humans and the world around us in an interactive format that follows the scientific method. (The scientific method is the process of testing and experimenting … Continued

Smart phone with a set of headphones displaying "Root & STEM podcast" cover art.

The Root & STEM Podcast

We’re excited to launch a new podcast, bringing you an audio version of everything you love about Root & STEM.

Person sitting cross-legged on the ground using a laptop with a large red lock on the screen.

The Online Safety Podcast Series

On Pinnguaq’s Radio Hour The Web Use and Online Safety podcasts series explore how to stay safe while on the Internet including best practices and where to find answers to some of your online safety questions.    Listeners will learn how to protect their personal information while online,  source reliable information for their ongoing protection and how to … Continued