A snippet of the AI Bingo activity.

AI Bingo

Primary - Middle

Nia Emmanuel-Briggs

Nia Emmanuel-Briggs

About the author

Nia Emmanuel-Briggs is a graphic designer, based in the Toronto area. She received her advanced diploma in Graphic Design from Durham College and specializes in branding and editorial work.

Read the written excerpt on the first page briefly and identify any artificial intelligence (AI) usages that are mentioned (they’re in bold for an extra hint!) With a pencil, choose eight usages of AI from the text and fill them in on your bingo sheet. Choose one person to be the callout. Now, they call out an AI usage mentioned in the story at random. Each usage that is mentioned counts as a filled-in square if you selected it. To win, you must fill in three boxes in a row, and shout out Bingo!

This activity originally appeared in the fourth issue of Root & STEM, Pinnguaq’s free print and online STEAM resource supporting educators in teaching digital skills