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How the Internet Works Series


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Computer Fundamentals

In this series students and teachers will learn how the internet works as users and as admins.

How The Internet Works: Part 1, the main objective of this module is to examine the types of addresses students will interact with as Internet coders: MAC, IP, port, and URL. The OSI model for the Internet will be introduced as a necessary prerequisite for the address system, which will also help students learn to how to diagnose basic connection problems.

How The Internet Works: Part 2, the objective of this module is for students to learn to think critically about ethics. Learning to recognize when power dynamics exist, to be mindful of them, and what options there are to restore balance when such power differentials cause injustice.

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How The Internet Works: Part 2

Grade audience: Grade 12

In part 2 of the How the Internet Works series we discuss how social problems affect the internet, as well as how we can affect the internet.

How The Internet Works: Part 1

How The Internet Works: Part 1

Grade audience: Grade 11 - Grade 12

Learn how the internet works! In here we discuss many topics, as well as provide some resources and examples for you to check out!