Work in progress of a comic created using Krita.

Krita for Comics Ep. 8: Colour

Grade 5 - Grade 12

Ian MacLean

Ian MacLean

About the author

Ian MacLean is a professional pixel artist/animator and illustrator who has worked in the gaming industry for 16 years. He considers himself a super nerd and has the polyhedral dice, comic collection, and miniatures to prove it.

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals
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In the series: Krita for Comics 10 Episode Series

Colouring is an important part of finishing any piece of art work, even if it is in black and white, which we discussed in the last episode of Krita for Comics. Colouring can make your comic stand out, and even expresses your style and separates you from other artists.

Make your pages pop with the application of colour. Establish lighting, weather, or mood with careful selection of colours to complement your lineart. Krita makes colouring easier with layering, layer styles, and clipping groups, all of which we’ll explore here.

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