Work in progress of a comic created using Krita.

Krita for Comics Ep. 6: Inking

Grade 5 - Grade 12

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals
Video Tutorial

In the series: Krita for Comics 10 Episode Series

Ian MacLean

Ian MacLean

About the author

Ian MacLean is a professional pixel artist/animator and illustrator who has worked in the gaming industry for 16 years. He considers himself a super nerd and has the polyhedral dice, comic collection, and miniatures to prove it.

In part 5 of the Krita for Comics series we discussed penciling and how to use our sketch layers to create some final lines. But there is another step, inking. Inking is very popular with comic book artist.

Inking really is the unsung hero of comics, responsible for bold, character lines that distinctive of the media. Using a variety of brush presets in Krita that emulate real-world inking tools, we’ll be working on pumping up our pencils. Brush stabilization can also lend a helping hand with smoother strokes.

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