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Krita for Comics Ep. 2: Page Setup

Grade 5 - Grade 12

Ian MacLean

Ian MacLean

About the author

Ian MacLean is a professional pixel artist/animator and illustrator who has worked in the gaming industry for 16 years. He considers himself a super nerd and has the polyhedral dice, comic collection, and miniatures to prove it.

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals
Video Tutorial

In the series: Krita for Comics 10 Episode Series

Setting Up a Page in Krita

In this video we will focus on setting up a comic page in Krita using an A4 template to get our comic sketched out. Grids, guides, and snapping will be used to define margins and gutters, and selections and layering will help define panel layout.

Krita is a 2D painting program that has been widely referred to as the free version of Photoshop, and is used by many artists around the world. If you have ever considered trying to get into digital art, or are looking for somewhere to start, then this 10 part series will help you expand your knowledge of digital art.

Please make sure you have downloaded Krita to your computer to participate in this tutorial.

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