Arm Nation

Arm Nation

Developed in partnership with APTN, Picture This and Many Hats, Arm Nation is a game for iOS and Android developed to promote and expand upon the show of the same name.

Compete in arm wrestling matches against the characters from Arm Nation, the APTN TV documentary focused on the training, competitions and personal life challenges of a dozen Aboriginal men and women who seriously train, coach and compete in one of the world’s oldest sports.


– Play as some of your favourite Arm Nation: The TV series characters

– Unlock up to 10 new characters when you play campaign mode

– Unlock exclusive Video Content for the Arm Nation Documentary series

– Unlock exclusive episode teasers before they’re released

– Challenge your favourite characters and discover each of their strengths

– Play to a unique soundtrack produced by Boogey the Beat

– Read up on your favourite characters’ profiles before seeing them on the show

– Learn different arm wrestling techniques: top roll, hook, press

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