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Call-Out For Contributors

November 1, 2022

Root & STEM Literacy Issue

Root & STEM is seeking contributions for our next issue!

Pinnguaq invites journalists, subject matter experts, knowledge keepers, and artists to submit pitches for our Spring 2023 Root & STEM magazine issue, focusing on Literacy + STEAM. We are pleased to collaborate with the Nunavut Literacy Council on this issue that explores how Literacy and STEAM intersect through diverse stories, lesson plans, and activities. 

Published by Pinnguaq Association, Root & STEM is a free print and digital STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) resource to support K–12 educators in teaching digital skills. Each issue features articles, activities, and lesson plans specifically focusing on STEAM education through creative play and responsible stewardship. 

Working with members of the Nunavut Literacy Council, educators, and industry leaders, this issue of Root & STEM will aim to explore stories and lessons at the intersections of language, science, and technology. The purpose of the publication will be to celebrate culturally relevant and innovative approaches to language, teaching, and learning. The issue will explore stories and teachings with artists, educators, and communities engaged in language-based, STEAM-focused projects. The digital resources produced alongside this issue will allow learners to hear the language in podcasts, interactive games, and YouTube series.

Topics for this issue are not limited to, but might include:

  • Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers from different Nations speaking on Literacy + STEAM intersections
  • Stories that highlight the Canadian and Indigenous contributors to the field of Literacy, including writers, publishers, storytellers, translators, and language educators
  • Innovation in Literacy + STEAM education, including research and development
  • Community showcases of creative work and research as it relates to Literacy + STEAM

Covering these topics, we are seeking proposals for:

  • COVER: Cover art on the theme of Literacy + STEAM
  • GUEST EDITORIAL: An introductory note looking at Literacy + STEAM and how it relates to STEAM education (500 words)
  • STEAM Around US: Various articles exploring Literacy + STEAM (500 words)
  • Decode STEAM: Regular section demystifying specific myths, tools, or pieces of technology found in STEAM (500 words)
  • STEAM Makers: An open call for educators who bring STEAM into the classroom to be featured in a profile (500 words)
  • Community Showcase: Regular feature profiling STEAM-related organizations or local STEAM stories from communities (500 words)
  • Features: Theme-specific story with a strong narrative, written by an established journalist or subject expert, accompanied by high-quality photos/video/art, with elements produced for several platforms, including print, podcast, and digital (1500-2500 words)
  • Comic: A 2-4 page comic for youth on Literacy + STEAM (copy and illustration)
  • Activity: An activity that invites younger readers to engage with Literacy + STEAM

Pinnguaq pays $1 CDN per word for articles, and a negotiable page rate for illustrated work.

If you are interested in pitching us a story, comic, or cover idea for Root & STEM’s upcoming issue, please email Chelsea Kowalski at by November 18th, 2022.

For more information on Root & STEM, including downloadable back issues, visit Root & STEM section on our website.

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