Statement: Danielle Moore

Statement: Danielle Moore

March 11, 2019

5 Minutes


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Pinnguaq Association, a not-for-profit organization, incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) into unique learning applications that promote storytelling, health, wellness and growth with rural and remote communities. At its core, Pinnguaq embraces diversity and creates opportunities in order to empower all people.

On Sunday, the world was made aware of the tragic news of the Ethiopian Airline disaster. Later, we would learn that our colleague and partner, Danielle Moore, had been on that plane. She was chosen to attend a United Nations Conference in Kenya. Danielle was an employee of Canada Learning Code. She visited our Makerspace in Iqaluit for the first time in December with her code mobile bestie, Jodie. Before their departure, it was easy to call them our friends. They joined us last week for more robotics, coding, and VR workshops, and we made plans to have Danielle join us in the summer to teach with us for a longer time.

Danielle’s passion for her work, and for the youth of Iqaluit was felt by everyone who met her. The kids knew her, affectionately, as “the girl with the robots.”

Danielle had a smile that would brighten any room. Kids responded to her quiet demeanor by making her proud. Ever wonder if an eight year old with a robot could improve the world? You just had to watch Danielle teach, and her students would show you how.

It’s impossible to overstate how much we will miss what she offered not just Nunavut but the world. Our condolences to her family, her CLC family, and all who knew and loved her.

Danielle Moore in front of a beautiful winter landscape